Climate Action Studio COP24 - Interview with Ms. Mariam Traore Chazalnoel/IOM & Ms. Isabelle Michal/UNHCR

Following the COP21 decision adopting the Paris Agreement, which invited all non-Party stakeholders to scale up climate action, Parties acknowledged the need to further enhance the effective engagement of observers as the UNFCCC process moves forward into the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Actors from both Governments and non-Party stakeholders emphasized the importance of working together to address the challenges of combating climate change and its impacts. The Climate Action Studio has witnessed the result of such collaboration with dozens of voices from States and civil society, that can be seen at 

Following up on this past success, the Secretariat’s Observer Organizations Liaison Unit hosted again the Climate Action Studio at COP24. Near 100 interviews were organized with key actors from Parties, NGOs, IGOs and UN agencies, who had the opportunity to share their views and unique examples of collaboration to better achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

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