Climate Change and Migration: Insights from the Sahel

Sara Vigil
Istituto Per Gli Studi Di Politica Internazionale
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The EU is struggling to cope with the so-called “migration crisis” that has emerged over the past few years. Designing the right policies to address immigration requires a deep understanding of its root causes. Why do Africans decide to leave their home countries? While the dream of a better life in Europe is likely part of the explanation, one also needs to examine the prevailing living conditions in the large and heterogeneous sub-Saharan region.

This Report investigates the actual role of political, economic, demographic and environmental drivers in current migration flows. It offers a comprehensive picture of major migration motives as well as of key trends. Attention is also devoted to the role of climate change in promoting migration and to intra-continental mobility (two-thirds of sub-Saharan migrant flows start and end within the region). Two country studies on Eritrea and Nigeria are also included to get a closer sense of local developments behind large-scale migration to Europe




1. Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Why Africans Migrate, Giovanni Carbone

2. Demystifying African Migration: Trends, Destinations and Returns, Marie-Laurence Flahaux

3. Climate Change and Migration: Insights from the Sahel, Sara Vigil

4. The Hidden Side of the Story: Intra-African Migration, Blessing U. Mberu, Estelle M. Sidze

5. Fleeing Repression: Inside Eritrea, Nicole Hirt

6. Nigeria: Leaving Africa's Giant, Aderanti Adepoju

CONCLUSIONS. Policy Implications for the EU