Climate Migration: towards a better understanding and management - Finland and a Global Perspective

Eeva-Kaisa Prokkola, Saija Niemi, Élise Lépy, Jaana Palander, Outi Kulusjärvi and Päivi Lujala
Publications of the Finnish Government
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Climate migration is expected to increase in the future. This study brings together knowledge on climate and environmental change-induced migration and displacement within and across country borders, their effects and management. Climate migration is first examined from the perspective of vulnerable countries, regions and people. The EU INFORM Risk Index is used to identify vulnerable countries. In addition, potential migration routes are investigated, considering the areas of origin, transit and destination. Second, the management frameworks of climate migration are examined. In terms of governance, the international and regional perspective and respect for human rights are emphasised. The study shows that development of regular migration routes currently offers the most realistic possibility for protection and adaptation of climate migrants. Thirdly, good practices and their implementation to influence climate migration and adaptation with a particular focus on the international activities, knowledge and expertise in Finland are discussed. Climate migration is a multidimensional phenomenon, which is why actors in different sectors should increasingly work together to meet the challenges. In addition to international cooperation and partnerships, there is a need to promote cross-sectoral cooperation in managing climate migration at international and national levels.