Control, Adapt or Flee: How to Face Environmental Migration?

Fabrice Renaud, Janos J. Bogardi Olivia Dun, Koko Warner
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The present issue of InterSecTions is a special one. Control, Adapt or Flee: How to Face Environmental Migration? is the first issue which is written by a team: Fabrice Renaud, Janos J. Bogardi, Olivia Dun and Koko Warner. All authors are staff members of UNU-EHS. The interdisciplinary characteristics of InterSecTions are well emphasized when one looks at the academic background of the authors having degrees in so different areas as soil science, civil engineering, refugee studies and economics.

The complex subject of this InterSecTions on environmental migration underlines the need to access it from different viewpoints, to follow up the chain of environmental deteriorations like land degradation, climate change, or sudden onset of hazard events. Potential control measures to contain the damage or rehabilitate ecosystems and the physical environment, the attempt of society as a whole and individuals to adapt to changed realities are the next steps. Once these measures did not come forth or failed nothing is left but to flee.

Excerpt from the foreword by Janos J. Bogardi

InterSecTions: "Interdisciplinary Security ConnecTions" Publication Series of UNU-EHS No. 5/2007

UNU Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS)