Environmental Challenges and Issues of Human Security in Eastern Nepal

Vimal Khawas
The Himalayan Miscellany
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Abstract The paper presents a general discussion on the various natural and human induced environmental insecurities that often challenges human security in Nepal in general an Eastern Nepal in particular. Though small in size, Nepal is a country with geological, topographical and climate diversities that makes the country favourable to several natural challenges. These challenges range from earthquake to various type of geomorphic processes such as mass wasting and floods. The increase in population and the changes in its distribution also meant that the country is now faced with a new set of natural disaster risks. The UNDP lists earthquake, floods, flashfloods, landslides and drought as the major natural challenges for the country as a whole. While discussing these environmental challenges, a critical appreciation of the literature in the context of the region has been attempted and their present relevance also examined. 

The Himalayan Miscellany

Volume 25, P. 30-60, 2014