Environmental Migration

The Environmental Migration animation video was prepared by Ms. Oliva Kavishe in the framework of the Kent University internship programme in collaboration with the Migration, Environmental and Climate Change (MECC) Division at the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Ms. Kavishe’s animation presents the concept and IOM’s work on environmental migration in an imaginative and educational visual media project with the aim to give a human face to the looming realities of climate change on our environment.

Video was posted with kind permission from Kent University and Ms. Oliva Kavishe.
Credits: IOM Migration, Environmental and Climate Change (MECC) Division in Geneva and Paris with special thanks to Dina Ionesco (IOM MECC) and Mariam Traore Chazalnoël (IOM MECC); Webster University including Professor Rebakah Rebekah Jorgensen, Media Lab and Chess Club.