Dérèglement climatique : « conséquences lourdes » pour l’Afrique

Entretien avec Dina Ionesco, Chef de Division Migrations Environnementales à l'Organisation Internationale des Migrations (OIM), réalisé par Studio Tamani, envoyé spécial en Pologne, Mouhamadou Touré.

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A Look At 'Climate Migration' From Sub-Saharan Africa To The Gulf Coast

Interview with WNPR, by Jeff Tyson, Lucy Nalpathanchil, and Carmen Baskauf on 6/7/2017.

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L’Atlas des migrations environnementales lu par Élisabeth Vallet (Radio-Canada Première)

L’Atlas des migrations environnementales lu par Élisabeth Vallet
(Plus on est de fous, plus on lit!, Radio-Canada Première, 5 octobre 2016)



Young and old divided over Pacific climate migration

Climate change research being conducted in the Pacific by international agencies and universities shows divergent views within communities on the merits of migration as an adaptation tool.

Read the transcript and/or listen to the podcast here


Podcast: The Pacific – migrating to adapt to climate change

People in the Pacific are increasingly using migration as a way of protecting their livelihoods in the face of climate change. At the moment many are using temporary migration to help their communities adapt. But what happens when climate change means people have to move permanently? And what can be done to protect the rights of people who move?

Hurricane Katrina: 10 years of recovery and reflection

Hurricane Katrina: 10 years of recovery and reflection

PODCAST: Migration and climate change – evidence for policy

In June UK Climate Change and Migration Coalition chaired a session at EDD 2015 looking at the connections between climate change and migration – and the policies that can be used to address the connection. This podcast is a recording of the debate in which a number of policy makers and researchers reflect on the issues.

PODCAST: When people move by UKCCMC

PODCAST: When people move. Understanding how climate change creates the movement of people 

UK Climate Change and Migration Coalition

Podcast: Climate Change and the Refugee Convention

Should the 1951 Refugee convention include people displaced by climate-linked events? A debate exploring solutions for civilians seeking relocation due to climate change.