GCM Second Informal Thematic Session - Co-facilitators’ Summary

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Global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration

Second informal thematic session on “Addressing drivers of migration, including the adverse effects of climate change, natural disasters and human-made crises, through protection and assistance, sustainable development and poverty eradication, conflict prevention and resolution”

22-23 May 2017, United Nations Headquarters, New York

Co-facilitators’ summary

I. Introduction
II. Panels
1. Panel on sustainable development and poverty eradication
2. Panel on human-made crises as drivers of migration
3. Panel on adverse effects of climate change and natural disasters as drivers of migration
4. Summary panel
III. Areas of discussion
a. Overarching frameworks and principles
b. Holistic approach to the multi-faceted drivers of migration
c. Poverty eradication and inclusive growth d. Migrants’ contributions to sustainable development
e. Addressing the environmental dimensions of migration
f. Sustaining peace
g. Data
IV. Conclusions
ANNEX: Programme of work

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