No matter of choice: displacement in a changing climate - Research agenda and call for partners

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Internal displacement associated with slow-onset environmental change and disasters is a complex and dynamic phenomenon. Often hard to distinguish from internal migration, displacement driven by gradually evolving environmental change is primarily a development issue.

It is difficult to paint a consistent picture of displacement associated with slow-onset events, because of the wide range of phenomena, impacts, drivers, types of movement they provoke and regions they affect. It is neither easy to characterise, nor easy to plan for and more concrete examples and evidence of how displacement occurs in different situations is needed to inform more solid risk assessments and evaluations of appropriate policy responses.

This thematic series explores the scale, patterns, drivers and impacts of internal displacement associated with slow-onset environmental change and disasters to inform policies and practices for managing and reducing displacement risk.

IDMC is embarking on a programme of research that will involve partnerships with a wide range of experts and institutions. For this, they invite those interested to join their effort.