SB50 Side Event: Displacement, Human Mobility and Climate Change: UNFCCC and Beyond

Event Date: 
Thursday, June 27, 2019
Place: Bonn, Germany
In 2018, it is estimated that 17.2 million people were newly displaced as a result of disasters linked to natural hazards, a majority of which were weather and climate related. This event will discuss practical steps to implement the recommendations to avert, minimize and address displacement related to the adverse effects of climate change and situate this work to other relevant global policy processes, especially the UN Climate Summit in September 2019.
The panel will include speakers from: the Task Force on Displacement (TBC), the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth, the Platform on Disaster Displacement, ActionAid and the International Organization for Migration.
Dr. Koko Warner, UNFCCC Secretariat, will moderate.

This event is organised by the Advisory Group on Human Mobility and Climate Change.

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