Climate and Human Migration Past Experiences, Future Challenges

Robert A. McLeman
Cambridge University Press
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Studies warn that global warming and sea level rise will create hundreds of millions of environmental refugees. While climate change will undoubtedly affect future migration patterns and behavior, the potential outcomes are more complex than the environmental refugee scenario suggests. This book provides a comprehensive review of how physical and human processes interact to shape migration, using simple diagrams and models to guide the researcher, policy maker and advanced student through the climate-migration process. The book applies standard concepts and theories used in climate and migration scholarship to explain how events such as Hurricane Katrina, the Dust Bowl, African droughts, and floods in Bangladesh and China have triggered migrations that haven't always fit the environmental refugee storyline. Lessons from past migrations are used to predict how future migration patterns will unfold in the face of sea level rise, food insecurity, political instability, and to review options for policy makers.

  • Provides a comprehensive review of how physical processes related to climate influence human migration patterns and behavior
  • Examines specific examples of recent climate-related migration to help understand how climate change will influence future migration patterns
  • Links discussion to current research and policy discussions about climate change adaptation, food security, state security and other emerging issuespages

Number of pages: 300
Format: Paperback
Reference number: 9781107606708

Cambridge University Press