Climate Change Adaptation And Migration In The Mekong Delta - Workshop report

International Organization for Migration, Can Tho University, UNDP
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Viet Nam
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Climate-related environmental change and associated disasters figure among the most serious challenges facing the Mekong Delta. The vulnerability of the Delta coupled with the opportunities created by rapid economic growth are generating increased migration and urbanization, as affected people move to commercial and industrial centres. As rural livelihoods are transformed by environmental change, there is growing evidence that well planned migration is a viable adaptation strategy which can increase the resilience of communities.

This report details the presentations and discussions from the workshop 'Climate Change Adaptation and Migration in the Mekong Delta' held in June 2012 which brought together climate change experts, researchers, local and international NGOs, and authorities from affected provinces to address this gap. The workshop discussed the impacts of climate change on livelihoods and the links between climate change, environmental degradation, and migration.

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