Interim Strategy Note for the Republic of Haiti for FY13-FY14

World Bank
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This Interim Strategy Note (ISN2) proposes a World Bank Group (WBG) Program for Haiti for FY2013 and FY2014. It programs US$245 million of the US$500 million allocated to Haiti by the International Development Association (IDA) from its Crisis Response Window for FY12-14. The program builds on the US$255 million program discussed by Executive Directors on December 1, 2011 for calendar year 2012 under ISN1. A second ISN rather than a full Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) is proposed for the remainder of the IDA 16 period for several reasons. First, the ISN2 preparation period coincided with a period of political transition in Haiti. Second, the IDA16 allocation is exceptional and is expected to be frontloaded and fully committed during the remaining IDA16 period. The allocation was exceptionally provided by IDA deputies from the IDA Crisis Response Window for the country's broad reconstruction, which remains urgent. Third, more time is needed for dialogue with Government around its medium term priorities, in the absence of a current poverty reduction strategy paper for Haiti. It is expected that preparation of a CPS will likely begin in the last year of this ISN on the basis of a revised Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper, or PRSP or another form of strategy paper prepared by the Government, a completion report outlining results under the 2009 Country Assistance Strategy, or CAS, ISN1 and ISN2, and a deeper dialogue on the role of IDA resources for Haiti going forward.

Document Type: Interim Strategy Note
Report Number: 71885

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