Government of Kenya Adaptation Technical Analysis Report

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The climate risk-based adaptation analysis conducted during the preparation of the National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP) built on the findings of the National Climate Change Response Strategy (NCCRS), and was commissioned to:

  • Provide evidence of the key climate risks to Kenya;
  • Assess climate change impacts on the sectors;
  • Document climate adaptation activities that are underway, planned and recommended;
  • Develop a set of potential and priority adaptation actions to address projected climate impacts per sector that will feed into Kenya’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP);
  • Support the integration of climate change adaptation into relevant new and existing sector policies, development, budgetary and planning processes and strategies, and across different levels.

The output from the adaptation analysis is summarised in the Adaptation Technical Analysis Report (ATAR) and detailed in a series of reports. Escalating climate change effects outlined in these various reports mean that adaptation is recognised as a journey – and not a destination. National plans should be developed continuously, progressively and iteratively, and implementation should be based on nationally identified priorities.

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Government of Kenya Ministry of Environment & Mineral Resources