High Level Conference on War, Peace and Climate

Dec 05, 2015

Time: 14.00

Location: Grand Palais, Paris

Discussing the consequences of climate change on the stability of certain territories, or even on international security, is complex as it requieres the apprehension of multiple parameters and, moreover, lies greatly on delicate projections. Our scientific knowledge of physical impacts of climate changes gets better every year, but it does not come with similar improvements regarding its human impacts. Those scientific boundaries must be overcome, an ambition to which this international colloquim wishes to participate by exploring what has been lacking so far, which is the comprehension of the impact chain, to answer these questions : is climate change a factor of major destabilization, or even crisis, and if so, in which context is it likely to move a situation towards an armed conflict ? Has it, finally, become the number one enemy of international security ?
With the participation of high-profile personnalities.

Head of Migration, Environment and Climate Change Divisision, Dina Ionesco, to present.

For more information, please see Solutions COP21 website here.


Grand Palais, Paris​