IOM in Bougainville and the Cartert Islands (Olsem Wanem - Episode 5, 2015)

In this episode:

We take you to the Autonomous Region of Bougainville where we visit the Carteret Islands also known as the Carteret Atoll. We also feature the work of the International Organization for Migration at the Carteret Atoll.

The Carteret Islands are a group of low lying islands that are sitting on a time bomb. For over 20 years the Carteret Islanders have been battling against rising sea levels.

The question is: For how long will these islands last before they completely disappear and what will become of these people?

Population growth, food shortage and lack of fresh water have become all too common on these sinking islands.

The International Organization for Migration has been working closely with the Carteret Islands by engaging islanders to address development priorities and migration management programs.

Source and copyright: EMTV