The Land in numbers 2019. Risks and opportunities.

United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)
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In this brochure, the numbers highlight how much we rely on productive land. Amongst other valuable services, land feeds our families, provides fresh water and powers our future ambitions. Much of the data collected here, however, demonstrate how close we are to pushing our relationship with the land to breaking point.

Achieving land degradation neutrality, i.e. preventing land degradation and rehabilitating already degraded land, by scaling up sustainable land management and accelerating restoration initiatives is a pathway to greater resilience, prosperity and security for all. As shown in this brochure investing in restoration brings many economic benefits, both direct and indirect. For example, restoration creates jobs on the land and in tree nurseries; farms and timber industries can enjoy higher and more sustainable yields; and the costs of repairing flood damage to infrastructure, dredging lakes and rivers to remove silt, and of filtering drinking water are avoided.