Linkages between Climate Change, Deforestation and Labour Exploitation in the Spotlight in Brazilmbiente

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In the framework of a series of online discussions on multiple angles of human trafficking, the Brazilian Association for the Defense of Women, Children and Youth (ASBRAD in Portuguese) organized on 14 July a conversation on the linkages between climate change processes and labour exploitation with participation from RESAMA, Greenpeace, the Brazilian Labour Ministry, and IOM.

The meeting enabled discussions around the impact of environmental degradation in the livelihoods of vulnerable populations and their exposure to different forms of labour exploitation. Focusing on the Brazilian situation, it was discussed how the combined impact of climate change and man-made degradation, linked with deforestation and the advance of the agricultural frontier, exacerbate vulnerabilities. The situation of indigenous communities deserves a specific attention given their reliance on their natural environment, the challenging transferability of their skills and the prevalence of labour exploitation patterns.