• Changing Climate, Changing Migration: Climate Change and Environmental Migration - View from IOM

    The International Organization for Migration (IOM), in 2015 created a special division responsible for migration-related issues involving the environment and climate change. This podcast, by Migration Policy Institute (MPI), features a discussion with the new IOM Migration, Environment and Climate Change Division head, Manuel Marques Pereira, who talks about his office’s role and priorities in dealing with migration shaped by climatic events. 

  • What can we do about climate migration?

    Bangladesh is a country that is exceptionally vulnerable to climate change. With a low elevation and high population density, as well as poor infrastructure and an economic reliance on farming, it is naturally susceptible to extreme weather. The intensification of conditions due to climate change means more people are being driven from their homes and land by sea level rises, storms, cyclones, drought, erosion, landslides, flooding and salinisation of the land. It's estimated that by 2050, one in every seven people in Bangladesh will become a climate migrant.

  • Policy Today: Sheltering from the Storm - Climate Migration Policy in a Changing Climate

    “Most people want to stay where they are from. It’s human nature … So the main goal is to help them be able to stay.”

    Climate migration was once a neglected issue in policy circles, but this is changing. Taking action today could prevent massive displacement in the future.

    Our IOM Senior Specialist on Migration, Environment and Climate Change, Mariam Traore Chazalnoel, speakes about climate migration policy solutions with Doug Parsons, Cimpatico Studios.

  • Let`s Talk Migration - Migration & Climate Change

    With Ms Hind Aïssaoui Bennani, Regional Thematic Specialist on Migration, Environment and Climate Change, IOM Regional Office for West and Central Africa, and Mr Florian Braendli, Project Manager, IOM Ghana.

    In the recent episode of West Africa Democracy Radio - English Service’s programme #LetsTalkMigration, IOM spoke about the link between migration, the environment and climate change.

  • COVID-19 y migración ambiental

    Cada año, las tensiones ambientales llevan a millones de personas en todo el mundo a tomar la decisión de migrar. Sin embargo, los movimientos relacionados con las tensiones ambientales se han reducido en gran medida a raíz de las restricciones a la movilidad impuestas por los gobiernos en respuesta a la COVID-19.Ya es suficientemente complejo migrar sin una pandemia, ¿por qué alguien decidiría migrar durante el brote de COVID-19?

    Escucha aqui el podcast.

  • Dérèglement climatique : « conséquences lourdes » pour l’Afrique

    Entretien avec Dina Ionesco, Chef de Division Migrations Environnementales à l'Organisation Internationale des Migrations (OIM), réalisé par Studio Tamani, envoyé spécial en Pologne, Mouhamadou Touré.

    Écoutez l'entretien

  • A Look At 'Climate Migration' From Sub-Saharan Africa To The Gulf Coast

    Interview with WNPR, by Jeff Tyson, Lucy Nalpathanchil, and Carmen Baskauf on 6/7/2017.

    Access the interview here.

  • L’Atlas des migrations environnementales lu par Élisabeth Vallet (Radio-Canada Première)

    L’Atlas des migrations environnementales lu par Élisabeth Vallet
    (Plus on est de fous, plus on lit!, Radio-Canada Première, 5 octobre 2016)



  • Young and old divided over Pacific climate migration

    Climate change research being conducted in the Pacific by international agencies and universities shows divergent views within communities on the merits of migration as an adaptation tool.

    Read the transcript and/or listen to the podcast here