• Podcast: The Pacific – migrating to adapt to climate change

    People in the Pacific are increasingly using migration as a way of protecting their livelihoods in the face of climate change. At the moment many are using temporary migration to help their communities adapt. But what happens when climate change means people have to move permanently? And what can be done to protect the rights of people who move? We interview Sophia Kagan who works with the International Labor Organisation about their work on migration and climate change in the Pacific.

  • Hurricane Katrina: 10 years of recovery and reflection

    Hurricane Katrina: 10 years of recovery and reflection

  • PODCAST: Migration and climate change – evidence for policy

    In June UK Climate Change and Migration Coalition chaired a session at EDD 2015 looking at the connections between climate change and migration – and the policies that can be used to address the connection. This podcast is a recording of the debate in which a number of policy makers and researchers reflect on the issues.

  • PODCAST: When people move by UKCCMC

    PODCAST: When people move. Understanding how climate change creates the movement of people 

    UK Climate Change and Migration Coalition

  • Podcast: Climate Change and the Refugee Convention

    Should the 1951 Refugee convention include people displaced by climate-linked events? A debate exploring solutions for civilians seeking relocation due to climate change.

  • PODCAST: Climate change and migration: how are they linked?

    Dina Ionesco International Organization for Migration and Alex Sutton UK Climate Change & Migration Coalition give a talk for the COMPAS Breakfast Briefing series.

    Both climate change and migration are complex and politically sensitive topics. This briefing, a collaboration between the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the UK Climate Change and Migration Coalition (UKCCMC), explores what recent research and policy developments tell us about the linkages between the two issues and how we can respond.

  • PODCAST: "Environmental refugee" not accurate for Pacific

    Environmental refugee status is also attracting its fare share of detractors particularly in the Pacific where the term is considered degrogatory and not an accurate description of their circumstances. 

    Presenter: Geraldine Coutts
    Speaker: Professor Jane McAdam, Law Faculty, University of New South Wales

    Listen to podcast here.

  • PODCAST: Do Climate Refugees Exist?

    The severe drought in East Africa is a reminder that the effects of changes in climate can have devastating effects on whole populations.
    So it's imperative that we learn about how to better plan for inevitable changes in climate?

    Dr. Jane McAdam is a professor with the Faculty of Law at the University of New South Wales. She's especially interested in how international refugee law and human rights treaties are placed to cope with predicted mass migrations of people threatened by climate change.

  • PODCAST: Climate Change in Indian Ocean

    If sea levels rise by just 1 metre, 30 million Bangladeshis will be displaced.
    Where will they go? What legal rights do they have? Are they refugees? And can big carbon emitting countries be held liable for their losses?


    Listen to the podcast here.