Migration in the Indian Bengal Delta and the Mahanadi Delta: a review of the literature

C.L. Samling, S. Das, S.Hazra
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This Working papers examines the trends of and reasons for migration of humans in the Indian Bengal and Mahanadi deltas, as discussed in existing literature. Migration over past several decades from Indian Bengal Delta and Mahanadi Delta have occurred due to better livelihood opportunities and earning better income. Such migrations however, are triggered by ability to have level of higher education or through acquisition of vocational skills. Many educated men and women from interior of Indian Bengal Delta have long migrated to urban centres, taking opportunities for better prospects of earning. While the skilled rural workers (like plumbers) from Odisha are known to have migrated to West Bengal, over many decades, but such migration is mostly limited to the migration of the male member, who leave the families behind, send monthly remittances through postal services and visit the family back in the village at least three to four times a year.