Planned Relocation Guidelines A framework to undertake climate change related relocation

Government of Fiji
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This document provides guidance for the Government of the Republic of Fiji and all Other Stakeholders present in Fiji, to consider planned relocation solutions for the affected communities as part of their adaptation strategies in relation to disasters and climate change related slow-onset events occurring on the territory of Fiji.

More specifically, the purpose of this document is:

  • To ensure an inclusive and gender responsive consultative and participatory process to strengthen communities’ riposte to climate change impacts, and ensure community engagement and ownership in the relocation process;
  • To serve as a coordination mechanism to enhance the involvement and collaboration of all range of stakeholders, namely: affected communities, government ministries and agencies, trade unions and employers’ organisations, intergovernmental organisations, regional and international organisations, the private sector, civil-society organisations, women’s organisations, faith-based groups and academia;
  • To facilitate the use of clear, inclusive and comprehensive procedures, while assessing and responding to potential relocation risks, in order to respect, protect and fulfill the needs of the relocated communities;
  • To recognise the richness of the indigenous knowledge, the multi-cultural and interfaith composition of the Fijian population, when addressing communities experiencing uncertainty about their future due to climate change.

As planned relocation related to climate change is a State-led process, the Fijian Government will ensure that the values and principles elaborated in Part I of this document, along with the Planned Relocation Stages in Part II, are fully incorporated and applied in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that represent the modus operandi of this document. Both these Guidelines and the SOPs must be read together. The SOPs continue to be developed by the Fijian Government and will become available at a later stage.