PODCAST: ADB's Emergency and Rehabilitation Assistance on Flood-Affected Areas

This synthesis provides key lessons drawn from evaluations and completion reports of the ADB-supported emergency response and rehabilitation efforts in developing member countries affected by natural disasters, particularly floods. Users of this brief are advised to carefully review these lessons in the context of the conditions of their current emergency and rehabilitation operations.

ADB, along with other development partners, continues to assess the appropriateness and applicability of disaster responses and mitigating measures. There is a tendency for disaster programs to focus more on infrastructure rehabilitation than on adaptation and disaster preparedness. Needs assessment will be made more difficult by variable geographical characteristics, as well as the uniqueness of the conditions (e.g., political, economic) in each disaster situation. Overall, the context of the disaster situations, as well as the inherent constraints to or limitations of the disaster response operations, will dictate the appropriateness and applicability of proposed disaster response interventions.

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