PODCAST: When people move by UKCCMC

PODCAST: When people move. Understanding how climate change creates the movement of people 

UK Climate Change and Migration Coalition

Over the last two years we have collected testimonies from people who have moved as a result of climate-linked disasters. By exploring these stories we can begin to answer questions about how climate change is creating new patterns of migration and displacement. We can also begin to ask how life on a hotter planet might mean living with new kinds of disasters, and coping with the displacement they create.

The programme uses testimonies from Pakistan, the Philippines, Somalia and Mexico to examine how people have moved in response to disasters.

Programme credits:
Music: Chris Zabriskie
Cover Image: Henry Donati/Department for International Development Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0)

Phillipines: Reuters Foundation

Pakistan: Aljazeera and CDKN

Horn of Africa: UNHCR / UNU

Mexico: EACH-FOR Environmental Change and Forced Migration Scenarios. Mexico case study report.


Visit the website or listen here: https://soundcloud.com/climate-migration/exploring-climate-disasters-and...