Policy Brief Series Issue 7: Some policies that might influence the relationship between environment and migration in the Dominican Republic

Allen Cordero Ulate and Guillermo Lathrop
Date Published: 
Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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Migration flows have always characterized the history of the Dominican Republic. Internal migration is a significant phenomenon within the country. Moreover, the Dominican Republic is one of most vulnerable countries to climate change. Nevertheless, the relationship between climate change and/or environmental degradation and internal migration is understudied and often not taken into consideration.

In this Policy Brief, Allen Cordero Ulate and Guillermo Lathrop propose a set of policies to address environmental migration in the framework of the Proposal for the National Development Strategy 2010-2030. Among other points, the authors emphasize the need for recognizing the inequalities existing among the population, strengthening territorial coordination bodies with the participation of the civil society and promoting territorial rural development and sustainable agriculture.

Policy Brief Series Issue 7 is in Spanish. 

ISSN 2415-1211