Power, People, Planet: Seizing Africa's Energy and Climate Opportunities (Africa Progress Report 2015)

Africa Progress Panel
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The Africa Progress Report (APR) is the annual flagship publication of the Africa Progress Panel. The APR draws on the best research and analysis available on Africa and compiles it in a refreshing and balanced manner. The Panel makes policy recommendations for African political leaders and civil society who collectively have the primary responsibility for spurring Africa’s progress. In light of the continent’s dynamic links with the rest of the world, the APR also highlights critical steps that must be taken by leaders in the international public and private sector.

"This year’s Africa Progress Report explores the links between energy, poverty and climate change. We document the risks that would come with a business-as-usual approach. More important, we highlight the opportunities for African leaders both at home and on the world stage."

This year's report contains references to human mobility.

Africa Progress Panel