Enhancing the Capacity of Pacific Island Countries to Manage the Impacts of Climate Change on Migration (PCCM)

The overall goal of the project is to increase the protection of Pacific Islanders who are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change displacement. The project purpose (specific goal) is to improve the capacity of PIC’s to better plan and manage the impacts of climate change on migration.

The Nansen Initiative

The Nansen Initiative is a state-led, bottom-up consultative process intended to build consensus on the development of a protection agenda addressing the needs of people displaced across international borders in the context of disasters and the effects of climate change.

TransRe Projet

The TransRe project offers a fresh perspective on the environment-migration nexus. It starts from the assumption that, regardless of the accuracy of the projections of future environmental changes, migration is already occurring and will continue to be a major dynamic of global change. Migration is connecting people, transforming places, and facilitating flows of knowledge and resources, and thus creating networked and interconnected translocal spaces.