Rainfall-induced crop failure, food insecurity and out-migration in Same-Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Tamer Afifia, Emma Liwengab, Lukas Kwezic
Taylor & Francis.
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Tanzania (United Republic of)
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This article addresses the interrelation between rainfall variability, food insecurity and human mobility in three villages located in the Same District, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, namely the villages Vudee, Bangalala and Ruvu Mferejini which are of distinct elevation and precipitation levels. It runs a comparison between the three villages and shows that there is a positive relationship between rainfall shortage and out-migration, after taking other important demographic and socio-economic factors into account, such as age, wealth and education. The article further argues that the mechanism through which rainfall variability affects human mobility in the research site is food insecurity for humans and livestock.

Taylor & Francis

DOI: 10.1080/17565529.2013.826128