Rectifying the Protection Gap for ‘Climate Refugees’: Where next?

Event Date: 
Thursday, June 6, 2019

Place: University of London. London, United Kingom

In Winter 2018 two major developments in addressing the problem of people forced to leave their homes due to the impacts of climate change reached their conclusion. Following on from the 2016 UN Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, which received universal backing from member states, many States have adopted two UN General Assembly Compacts, one on migrants and the other on refugees. Both the Declaration and the Compact on Migrants, though not the Compact on Refugees, include commitments to addressing the impact of climate change on forced movement. At the same time the UN
Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Task Force on Displacement reported its findings to the 24th Conference of the Parties at Katowice.

This workshop aims to assess the outcomes of the Global Compacts and the Task Force, to identify their contributions to ongoing attempts to construct better protection mechanisms for those forced to move as a result of the effects of climate change, and to discuss ways of ensuring that these texts are translated into concrete developments in global policy and governance. Supported by the UK Government’s Global Challenges Research Fund, the workshop brings together academics, policy-makers and IGO and NGO representatives from both the Global North and South to reflect on progress made, and the challenges to come. Papers presented will deal with overall processes in policy development, as well as specific aspects of the Global Compacts and the Task Force report, including critiques of these processes and outcomes as well as papers that reflect on broader issues of theory and practice regarding refugees, migrants, climate change, and environmental protection in the context of the Global Compacts and/or the Task Force report.