Regional Policies and Response to Manage Pastoral Movements within the ECOWAS Region

Prepared for IOM by Manuela Leonhardt, consultant
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The present report aims to assess how far free movement policies, legislation and practices are being applied to transhumant pastoralism in the ECOWAS region, particularly in Mali, the Niger and Nigeria, and to what effect this is done. This concerns both cross-border pastoralist movements within the region and pastoralist movements within Member States. The conclusions of this study shall inform ECOWAS and its Member States’ thinking on developing a regulatory framework for transhumant pastoralism in the ECOWAS region that is consistent with the ECOWAS Free Movement of Persons principle and responsive to the substantive changes in this sector. The major reference documents for this study are the ECOWAS Protocol on Transhumance (1998) and the African Union Policy Framework on Pastoralism (2011) as well as relevant national legislation.

The report draws on stakeholder consultations in the Niger, Mali and Nigeria conducted between March and June 2017 (see Annex 1) and is supported by an extensive literature review. The study was supported by Lola Cecchinel of ATR Consulting in Mali and by Adamou Elsaidi Aboubacar of the Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines (FLSH) in the Niger. The author would like to extend her sincere gratitude to all collaborators and stakeholders who generously contributed their time and insight to this study.