South-South Labour Migration in Papua New Guinea: Which workers are filling the gap?

Mariana S. Cifuentes Montoya and Rosa Sai’i Au (Anglo Pacific Research Ltd)
International Organization for Migration (IOM) and ACP Observatory on Migration
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Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands
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How is Papua New Guinea integrating human mobility into its national and regional plans? Which are the institutional factors, international migration networks and cultural/historical similarities of South-South labour migration between Fiji, Solomon Islands and PNG?

Aiming at answering these questions, this study finally reveals that migration from Fiji and Solomon Islands to PNG has had a minimal impact, due to factors such as Melanesian history and institutional structures, while it argues that South-South labour mobility primarily comes from Asian countries. Thus, it provides some innovative recommendations which seek to foster economic development in rural areas through training systems, encourage circular and return migration through migration policies, as well as to streamline institutional systems so that they support South-South migration between Melanesian countries.

ACP Observatory on Migration