climate change adaptation

Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process to support decision making on climate change adaptation


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This training manual is based on existing literature on the Analytic Hierarchy Process and is set within the Government of Nepal's National Framework on Local Adaptation Plans for Action. It aims to support adaptation decision makers in government institutions, international agencies, and civil society institutions as well as other development partners in identifying and prioritizing adaptation solutions at the national and sub-national levels.


Migración - Cambio Climático: desde la perspectiva de la gestión de riesgos de desastres en los municipios de Bolpebra, San Ignacio de Moxos y Santa Ana del Yacuma

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El presente estudio ofrece analizar la relación migración - cambio climático, en el ámbito territorial de los municipios de Bolpebra del departamento de Pando y San Ignacio de Moxos, Santa Ana del Yacuma del departamento de Beni.