Climate Change

Migración y cambio climático global: Retos y oportunidades futuras

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Este informe considera la migración en el contexto del cambio climático en el curso de los próximos 50 años. El alcance de este informe es internacional: examina las tendencias migratorias globales, pero también las internas, en particular en países con pocos ingresos, que a menudo son más importantes en este contexto.


Integrating human mobility issues within national adaptation plans

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This second joint policy brief, produced by the United Nations University (UNU) and the Nansen Initiative, examines the available options for coordinating and linking human mobility issues with climate change–related policies and planning, in particular, the development of national adaptation plans (NAPs). 


Changing climate, moving people: Framing migration, displacement and planned relocation

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Different policies are required for different types of human mobility related to climatic changes. The purpose of Policy Brief No. 8  is to help distinguish between human migration, displacement and planned relocation and present state-of-the-art thinking about some of the key issues related to addressing these in the context of climate policy.

Policy Brief No. 8, June 2013
UNU-EHS Publication Series


Migration and global environmental change: future challenges and opportunities

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This report considers how profound changes in environmental conditions such as flooding, drought and rising sea levels will influence and interact with patterns of global human migration between now and 2060. It examines global migration trends and internal migration trends within developing countries.