Planned Relocation/Resettlement

Planned Relocation Guidelines A framework to undertake climate change related relocation

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This document provides guidance for the Government of the Republic of Fiji and all Other Stakeholders present in Fiji, to consider planned relocation solutions for the affected communities as part of their adaptation strategies in relation to disasters and climate change related slow-onset events occurring on the territory of Fiji.

More specifically, the purpose of this document is:


Energy in Situations of Displacement

This document is part of a series of Policy Briefs developed to support SDG 7 Review at the UN High-Level Political Forum to be held in July 2018. The objective is to inform intergovernmental discussions by providing substantive inputs on SDG7 and its interlinkages with other SDGs prepared through inclusive multi-stakeholder consultation processes.


The Global Plan of Action for Sustainable Energy Solutions in Situations of Displacement

This Global Plan of Action for Sustainable Energy Solutions in Situations of Displacement (GPA) was introduced at the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in 2018. This is a non-binding document based on extensive exchanges among various stakeholders from humanitarian and development organizations, the private sector, governments, academia, not-forprofit organizations and others, starting with the Berlin ‘Energy for Displaced People’ conference on 15–16 January 2018.


Planned Relocation for Communities in the Context of Environmental Change and Climate Change

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This training manual provides advice to those who work with environmental migrants in Viet Nam, from operational service providers to local governmental authorities. It provides a comprehensive overview of topics including legal frameworks surrounding environmental migration in Viet Nam, the stages of planned relocation, and effective monitoring strategies.