Planned Relocation/Resettlement

The High Price of Resettlement: the proposed environmental relocation of Nauru to Australia

Most Australians today know the hot, rocky island of Nauru as a Pacific country to which Australia sends asylum seekers who have come by boat. Far fewer recall proposals 50 years ago to resettle the population of Nauru on an island off the Queensland coast. Extensive and lucrative phosphate mining on Nauru by Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand throughout the 20th century devastated much of the 21 square kilometre island, and scientists believed it would be rendered uninhabitable by the mid-1990s.


Displacement, Development, and Climate Change: International organizations moving beyond their mandates

This book focuses on one critical challenge: climate change. Climate change is predicted to lead to an increased intensity and frequency of natural disasters. An increase in extreme weather events, global temperatures and higher sea levels may lead to displacement and migration, and will affect many dimensions of the economy and society.