Tracking Gendered Migration: Policy Implication in Mahanadi Delta

Amrita Patel
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Sansristi has worked on issues of gendered survival migration as a consequence of drought in Western Odisha. Recently a process of registration of migrants has been initiated by the Govt. of Odisha. The policy presently covers 11 drought prone districts according to the existing legal framework. The aim of the registration is to provide social and physical security relating to rescue. The process intends to see if persons migrating are covered under employment schemes and whether the migration is individual or family as a unit. The process of registration initiated in July 2015 at the local government level has been spelt out very clearly and will provide trends in intra and inter state migration . The present paper reviews the Policy framework from the gender perspective. Through the analysis of registration process, it’s scope , indicators, and comparing with experiences gathered from the previous studies of Sansristi , it tries to identify gender gaps if any, so that the present policy may be appropriately revised expanding the ambit to include the deltaic districts to ensure gender equity in migration .