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Migration and the 2030 Agenda: A Guide for Practitioners

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This guide is designed to serve government actors, both national and local, involved in any process of Sustainable Development Goal implementation, including those working specifically in migration, and those working in other sectors who are interested in integrating migration. It is also for government actors working in the migration field who wish to integrate the SDGs into their work.


Planned Relocation for Communities in the Context of Environmental Change and Climate Change

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This training manual provides advice to those who work with environmental migrants in Viet Nam, from operational service providers to local governmental authorities. It provides a comprehensive overview of topics including legal frameworks surrounding environmental migration in Viet Nam, the stages of planned relocation, and effective monitoring strategies.



Une boîte à outils: Réinstallations Planifiées pour protéger les populations contre les catastrophes et les changements environnementaux

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Cette Boîte à Outils est une aide supplémentaire au Guide sur la protection des personnes contre les catastrophes et les changements environnementaux grâce à la Réinstallation Planifiée développé par le HCR, l’Institution Brookings et l’Université de Georgetown.


Caja de herramientas: Relocalizaciones Planificadas para proteger a las personas de los desastres y el cambio ambiental

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Esta Caja de Herramientas pretende complementar la Guía sobre Protección de Personas por medio de la Relocalización Planificada ante desastres y cambio ambiental, la cual fue desarrollada por ACNUR, la Institución Brookings y la Universidad de Georgetown.