Energy in Situations of Displacement

This document is part of a series of Policy Briefs developed to support SDG 7 Review at the UN High-Level Political Forum to be held in July 2018. The objective is to inform intergovernmental discussions by providing substantive inputs on SDG7 and its interlinkages with other SDGs prepared through inclusive multi-stakeholder consultation processes.


Base de Informação Para a Elaboração de Políticas: Migração, Ambiente e Mudanças Climáticas Moçambique

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This report examines the links between migration, environment and climate change in Mozambique through a holistic and comprehensive lens, highlighting the ways in which these topics can be integrated into the country's legal framework.


The road to climate resilience: migration as an adaptation strategy

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This policy brief offers a synthesised view of climate-related vulnerabilities in semi-arid rural areas of Pakistan, the adaptation options available to farmers and the role of migration in enhancing the livelihood resilience of rural households to climate change. It offers practical policy suggestions to enhance rural livelihood resilience through rural development and facilitating planned migration.