ECOSOC Side Event 2021: Human Mobility in the Face of the Climate Crisis - How prevention, protection and solutions can best respond to future trends

Panellists offered perspective and analysis on the impact of climate change, including in its interplay with conflict, on present and future population displacement and migration trends. 


Atlas of Environmental Migration

The Atlas of Environmental Migration is the first illustrated publication mapping this complex phenomenon. It clarifies terminology and concepts, draws a typology of migration related to environment and climate change, describes the multiple factors at play, explains the challenges, and highlights the opportunities related to this phenomenon.


IOM Director General`s Message on World Environment Day 2021 - Generation Restoration

António Vitorino, IOM Director General, sends his message on World Environment Day 2021. 

"We are only as healthy as our ecosystems."


First Session of the IDM 2021 - Panel 5: Promoting regional, national and local action on migration and climate change (FLOOR), 27 May 2021

This panel discussion identifies challenges and gaps linked to migration, environment, and climate change, including the specific challenges faced by countries most vulnerable to climate change (small island developing states, landlocked developing countries, and least developed countries) with a focus on regional, national and local action.


First Session of the IDM 2021 - Panel 4: Developing multi-stakeholder approaches to support the inclusion of migrants (FLOOR), 27 May 2021

This discussion presents concrete existing activities implemented in partnerships with private sector and civil society and activities led by stakeholders’ coalitions and to draw lessons learned to amplify existing work. It also aims to give voice to youth representatives and to discuss how best to leverage the positive contribution of migrants, internally displaced people and diasporas to climate action and sustainable development. 


First Session of the IDM 2021 - Panel 3: Examining the linkage between Migration, Environment and Climate Change and HDPN (FLOOR), 26 May 2021

This panel addresses environmental and climate change related questions linked to the Humanitarian, Development, Peace Nexus (HDPN) and focuses on the challenges of diminishing resources, degradation of biodiversity, impacts on human security and conflict, in order to highlight opportunities and solutions.


First Session of the IDM 2021 - Panel 2: Understanding the linkages between MECC in the context of COVID-19 (FLOOR), 26 May 2021

This panel discusses the impacts of COVID-19 on migrants and internally displaced persons in the context of the adverse effects of climate change and environmental degradation. It invites an exchange on how climate-migration dimensions can be leveraged in the COVID-19 recovery plans, as well as discuss the linkages between migration health in achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.


First Session of the IDM 2021 - Opening and Panel 1: The Road to COP 26 - Accelerating action to address migration (FLOOR), 25 May 2021

This panel discussion reaffirms the commitment of the international community, member states and key players to address migration, displacement, environment and climate change issues, in the lead up to the 26th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP26).


Exploring the Relationship between Air Pollution and Migration in Europe | IOM-EU Green Week 2021

During the IOM Partner Event, the panelists discussed how the EU, EU Member States and Governments in the Western Balkans, international financial institutions, and other partners could integrate migration considerations in the