HOTSPOT AFRICA - GP Conference “Climate Change and Migration: Point of No Return?! An African Perspective”

In a digital conference we want to analyze the situation, trends and forecasts for Sub-Saharan Africa: What needs to be done to reduce the effects of climate change for people, how to strengthen their resilience?


Global policy debates, mobility and natural hazards

How is the issue of human mobility in the context of disasters, environmental degradation and climate change treated in the global policy debate (including the Global Compacts for Migration and on Refugees, the Sendai Framework


Climate Change and Human Mobility

Climate change and its impact on vulnerable populations are too significant for any one actor to solve alone; private-public partnerships are essential to meet this global challenge.  


The Search for Greener Pastures: Exploring the Relationship between Nature, Biodiversity and Migration

IOM is partnering with the European Commission during EU Green Week to host an online expert discussion on “The Search for Greener Pastures: Exploring the Relationship Between Nature, Biodiversity and Migration”.


Moving Forward Together Migration, Environmental Change & Conflict

The co-migration of human and other species catalyzed by environmental change, including climate change, is anticipated to increase dramatically in the next decades.


Webinar: Evidence vs Myth – Understanding Displacement in a Changing Climate

The webinar featured a prominent panel of experts who help to provide evidence that debunks common and dangerous myths surrounding climate change and displacement.


Promo - Find a Way

For millions around the world, climate migration is already a reality.

You can help them #FindAWay to live a life with dignity.

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Une époque formidable - Et maintenant on fait quoi ?

Un événement France 3 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes et La Tribune avec Alice Baillat, OIM MECC siège.

Watch the video here.


YEE - Youth and Environment Europe

The webinar is part of the series #ClimateofChange, organized by Youth and Environment Europe with Youth4Nature.