Cooperation on Human Mobility in the Context of Disasters and Climate Change in the Caribbean

The growing frequency and intensity of hurricanes, tropical storms, and other disasters have demonstrated the importance of addressing the relationship between human mobility and climate change in the Caribbean.


5 Facts about Migration and the Environment

5 of June is World Environment Day! Environmental migration is a reality in all regions of the world. Drought prompts Central Americans to migrate. Coastal erosion pushes Asia-Pacific people to relocate.


Climate change affects the migration of Mongolian herders

Prolonged droughts and harsh winters in Mongolia’s rural pasturelands are driving herders from their native lands and into cities as herding becomes more and more challenging.


5 Facts about Water and Migration

I. Lack of access to water and drought can increase forced migration. 
II. In turn, migration flows can increase pressures on water resources. 


Climate Action Studio COP24 - Interview with Ms. Mariam Traore Chazalnoel/IOM & Ms. Isabelle Michal/UNHCR

Following the COP21 decision adopting the Paris Agreement, which invited all non-Party stakeholders to scale up climate action, Parties acknowledged the need to further enhance the effective engagement of observers as the UNFCCC process moves forw


Migration has become a political issue instead of a human one - FRANCE24

Interview with Dina Ionesco, Head of the Migration, Environment and Climate Change Division at the ocassion of the 2018 International Migrants Day.