Viet Nam Initial National Communication Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
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Viet Nam
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The Communication consists of 7 Chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Describe the general features of geography, climate, and socio-economic conditions of Viet Nam in 1994.
  • Chapter 2: National Greenhouse Gas Inventory in 1994, and estimated national greenhouse gas emissions to 2020.
  • Chapter 3: Analyse the greenhouse gases mitigation options in energy, agriculture and forestry sectors.
  • Chapter4: Assessment of the potential impacts of climate change on some major economic activities and response measures.
  • Chapter 5: The system of climate observations and some results of climate change research in Viet Nam.
  • Chapter 6: Describe the contents of education, training and raising public awareness on climate change.
  • Chapter 7: The main orientation of mitigate greenhouse gases through economic development plan of energy, agriculture, forestry sectors.

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change