The Environmental Migration Portal: Knowledge Platform on People on the Move in a Changing Climate seeks to provide a one-stop service website to promote new research, information exchange and dialogue, intended to fill the existing data, research and knowledge gaps on the migration-environment nexus.



Policy Briefs

The Migration, Environment and Climate Change Policy Brief Series seeks to contribute to the current global knowledge base by providing reliable and precise information on the topic of migration and environmental change, including climate change. Its objective is also to present related and appropriate policy options by identifying recommendations, good practices and lessons learned to harness the positive impacts of migration in adapting to environmental changes.

The Policy Brief Series is a reader-friendly online publication intended for policymakers and other stakeholders working in the field of migration, environment and climate change adaptation policies.

The Migration, Environment and Climate Change Policy Brief Series welcomes submissions from policymakers and researchers worldwide. Please see the guidance note for more information. 


Training Workshops




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A Conversation with Dina Ionesco

What's the link between migration, the environment, and climate change? We asked our Head of MECC Division, Dina Ionesco, at the IOM Council 2018.

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