Capacity-building Activities on Migration, Environment and Climate Change

IOM has launched a series of capacity-building trainings targeting mid to senior level policymakers and practitioners active in environmental and/or migration areas. The trainings seek to provide participants with a basic understanding of migration, environment and climate change concepts and terminology as well as concrete tools that can support national and regional policymaking processes.

This initiative is in line with the overall IOM’s goal to support the integration of human mobility issues within climate change and environmental policies, and, vice versa, the inclusion of climate and environmental concerns within migration processes.

The objectives of the training courses are to:

  1. Build the capacity of policymakers and practitioners, in order to factor migration into environmental and development policies, as well as climate change adaptation strategies, and to take environmental change into account in comprehensive migration management policies at the national level;
  2. Facilitate policy exchange in migration, environment and climate change among policymakers and practitioners.