20 Dec 2021

Beyond `push and pull`: migration as adaptation to territorial climate change challenges

  • Date
    01 Oct 2021, 11:30am
  • Location
    Milan and live streaming

11:30-13:00 CEST, Milan, Italy and live streaming 

Conventional approaches to the nexus between migration, environment and climate change tend to conceive of migration as a consequence of the adverse impacts of climate change. This assumption shapes policies and practices aimed at addressing the `root causes ‘of migration, especially in territories in the Global South.

However, the extent to which migration contributes to addressing the adverse impacts of climate change in fragile territories in the Global North deserves more enquiry. 

The event combines a focus on innovative practices for mitigation and adaptation policies, including mainstreaming migration into internal areas` development planning. 

The objective is to shed light on the ways in which local fragile territories in the Global North can harness the potential benefits of migration to facilitate the necessary transformations for more resilient climate systems and sustainable development. 

Moderator: Paolo Fratter, journalist, Sky

Welcoming remarks and introduction:

  • Min. Leonardo Bencini, Directorate General for Development Cooperation, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
  • Vittoria Beria, Director of the International Development Unit, City of Milan 

Keynote speech:

  • Caroline Dumas, IOM Director General Special Envoy for Migration and Climate Action  


  • Laura Ronchetti, Associate Professor, University of Molise-Research Centre for Inner Areas and the Apennines (ArIA)
  • Andrea Membretti, Senior Researcher at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF)
  • Elena Jachia, Director of the Environmental Sector, Fondazione Cariplo
  • Roberto Sensi, Forum Disuguaglianze Diversità

The event is part of the Pre-COP, the final official ministerial meeting ahead of the COP26.

Simultaneous interpretation in English and Italian. 


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