20 Dec 2021

Climate Change and Migration in Euro-Med Region – Researches, Practices, Policies

  • Date
    22 Jun 2021, 00:00am
  • Location

The workshop aims to provide a platform for sharing and learning on the nexus between climate change, migration and socio-cultural-economic perspectives, by observing the climate migratio departure, such as the North Africa and the South Mediterranean, and the destination areas such as North Mediterranean and European countries. This inter-dialogue of knowledge promotes a better understanding towards the forced climate migration with the researchers, pratictioners and policy advisors throughout a long-term trans-cultural perspective.

The workshop`s topics:

  • International recognition of climate migration, especially from the legal viewpoint and human rights. It maps the geographical barriers and social opportunities to promote proper policies.
  • Push Factors for "forced migration”. Case studies of communities obliged to leave their homeland, because of climate change and of specific environmental emergencies, specifically around the Lake of Chad in Africa. - Pull Factors for “migrants' absorption”. Case studies of forced absorption in South European countries are illustrated.
  • Social Representations and Policies for the Future. Good practices and policies for cultural, social, economic integration in a long-term perspective are analyzed.

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