20 Dec 2021

Ecological Threat Report 2021: Understanding and Addressing Ecological Threats

  • Date
    26 Oct 2021, 10:00am
  • Location

From 10:00 to 11:30 CEST

Building up to COP26, join this panel discussion as we cover the impact of ecological threats on migration and the urgency of building resilience. The discussion will be grounded in the Ecological Threat Report 2021, the latest report of the Institute for Economics & Peace, and include representatives from leading international organisations.

This panel discussion will highlight the role of international organisations in addressing ecological threats and building resilience.


  • Manuel Marques Pereira, Head of Migration, Environment and Climate Change Division, IOM UN Migration
  • Richard Brewin, Programme Manager, Energy & Environment Security and Science for Peace & Energy Security Section, Hybrid Challenges and & Energy Security Section, Emergency Security Challenges Division, NATO
  • Jonathan Marely, Policy Analyst, Crises and Fragility, OECD
  • Serge Stroobants, Director of Europe & MENA Region, IEP
  • Saule Ospanova, Head of Environmental Co-operation Unit, OSCE.

Moderator: María José Maldonado, Programme Manager, IEP

More information is available at Institute for Economic & Peace