20 Dec 2021

Environmental Migration Week - The role of International Organizations in the face of environmental migration

  • Date
    03 Jun 2021, 15:00pm
  • Location

Over the last decade, the issue of environmental migration has drawn headlines across the globe. However, the often times simplistic public narratives obscure the fact that environmental migration is not a straightforward matter. On the contrary, it constitutes a highly complex topic, which cannot effortlessly be differentiated from other both environmental and socio-economic-political drivers of contemporary migration. As a consequence, a growing number of scholars are dedicating their research to the field of environmental migration studies.

As part of the Environmental Migration Week, the Roundtable 4 will facilitate the exchange of experiences and challenges facing international organizations as they address the issue of environmental migration. What are the current social intervention strategies applied in support of environmental migrants? What are the obstacles international organizations meet in this endeavour and what initiatives have been successful?

Welcoming: Mr Thales Speroni (CER-M) and Mrs Maria Jesús (OIM - Spain)


  • Mrs Dina Ionesco, International Organization for Migration (IOM MECC)
  • Mrs Amali Tower, Climate Refugees
  • Mr Juan C. Méndez, Platform on Disaster Displacement (PDD)

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