15 Nov 2023

Implications of Climate-Related Mobility for Peace and Security

  • Date
    03 Dec 2023, 12:30pm
  • Location
    Blue Zone, Food Pavilion
  • Organizer


This regional launch event of CGIAR's MENA Regional Climate Security Hub explores the interactions between climate change, peace, and human mobility. This nexus is particularly relevant in the context of rapid urbanization, where cities are at the forefront of the climate emergency while dealing with inflows of internal migrants and increasing human security concerns. The session will identify opportunities to enhance peace-positive climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies in the context of displacement and migration, exploring innovative approaches to the climate, migration, and peace nexus such as CGIAR’s Fragility, Conflict, and Migration Initiative and skilled migration partnerships led by IOM.


  • Identify practical steps of how consideration of peacebuilding can be integrated into 
    approaches to humanitarian response, development, and resilience approaches - including in 
    urban settings – as well as climate adaptation and mitigation efforts for communities at risk 
    of displacement and for those already displaced by climate-related impacts.

  • Showcase existing initiatives, projects, and programs in relation to building resilience for 
    communities at risk of displacement; improving ecological, humanitarian, and socio-economic 
    conditions in areas of origin and destination of mobility; protecting the needs of those on the 
    move due to climate change impacts; actively fostering social cohesion among migrants and 
    host communities, and operationalizing the gender-climate-conflict-migration nexus.

  • Establish a learning process based on examples of best practices that have emerged in 
    different climatic, political, and socio-economic migration contexts from across the regions 
    prioritized in this event.

  • Explore barriers and challenges that preclude the transition from emergency aid to longer-term, durable HDP nexus solutions in which the participation of displaced communities, refugees, and migrants.

  • Discuss concrete action points for the MENA Regional Climate Security Hub and CGIAR’s FOCUS Climate Security Team to contribute to a peace positive climate and migration agenda.

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