20 Dec 2021

IOM World Oceans Day 2021 - Environmental and Human Mobility Aspects of the MV Express Pearl Vessel Destruction in the Indian Ocean

  • Date
    14 Jun 2021, 14:00pm
  • Location

IOM Sri Lanka will host an Evidence-based Virtual Discussion via Zoom on 14 June 2021 from 2.00 - 3.30 PM IST

“Traces of Sea, Land and Air Pollution due to MV Express Pearl Destruction” – By Mr.H.D.S. Premasiri from National Building and Research Organization

  • Introduction to what is meant by environmental pollution and how it differs from sea, land and air.
  • An overview on how such hazardous cargo vessel destructions in the Indian Ocean might cause damage to our environment based on some evidence from air pollution
  • Sri Lankan government’s  efforts to mitigate the environmental threats and to avoid misconceptions of the issue related to acid rains and so on.

Marine Pollution and its’ Effects towards the Mobility of Coastal Fishermen” – By Dr.Dilanthi Koralegama from University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka

  • The nexus between marine pollution, toxicity and the lives of the coastal fishermen of the affected areas.
  • Evidence from the coastline communities on their recent issues and challenges.
  • Scientific thoughts on how fish catchment could change with this marine pollution.
  • Insights on how catchment issues might aggravate seasonal fishing issues and migration of coastal fishermen.
  • Myth busters on the consumption of fish in this areas and how it will affect the livelihood of this fishing communities – especially on a gender based aspect.

Session moderated by Rangitha Balasuriya, Senior Project Coordinator (Migration, Environment and Climate Change), IOM Sri Lanka

Contact: RBALASURIYA@iom.int

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